Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a Nebraska Learners Permit to start the classroom portion of the program?

  • No, but you will need a permit to schedule the driving lessons.

How long do teen drivers need to hold a Learners Permit before they qualify for a Provisional Operators Permit (POP)?

  • Nebraska law requires a driver under 18 to hold a learners permit for six months. During this time, the new driver should strive to get plenty of practice with an experienced driver.

As a teenage student, what happens if I fail either part of the class?

  • Should you fail the classroom, you can study and retake the test at the Road-Ready Office.
  • A student under age eighteen will get three chances to pass the Nebraska driving test at end of the driving lessons. If a student fails three times we require an extra driving lesson ($50) to work on the issue(s) causing the failure.

Can I do behind the wheel training before the class starts?

  • No. From years of experience, we know how important it is for the student to have the fundamentals in the classroom before we get in the vehicle.

When do I start driving?

  • Teen students typically start after the first week (5 days) of classroom.
  • Adult students start after they complete all 3 days of required class.

How do I schedule my drive time?

  • Students may sign up for driving times in class after the first quiz. The student must have a learners permit to drive on public streets.

Will a teen student finish with the driving test by the last day of the classroom?

  • No. The driving test cannot be taken until after the classroom is finished. Not all students learn at the same pace and instruction moves forward at the student's pace and availability in scheduling lessons.

Will Road-Ready furnish a car to take the driving test at Department of Motor Vehicles?

  • No. Because of a variety of reasons, we will not supply or rent a vehicle for testing at DMV.
  • Adults (over eighteen) who must take a drive test at Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) must make arrangements for a vehicle to drive during the exam.
  • Teen students testing for a POP at the driving school locations may use the school's vehicles.