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As a person develops a desire to become part of the motoring public, it is only appropriate they would seek out professional instruction. We appreciate you taking the time to find out more about our driving school. We believe you will find our driving school to be superior in our efforts to stress the skills needed for traffic safety.

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Some of our country's greatest losses are through traffic crashes. In recent years, the economic cost to our county has approached $300 billion per year. Over 30,000 Americans have lost their lives each year for the last several years. Our driving school has been offering professional education to drivers for over twenty years in an effort to reduce these numbers in our own small way. Our school trains several hundred drivers annually. We hope you will consider being one of our students in the near future.

We provide quality driver education and training with a commitment to respect, caring, integrity, empowerment and excellence, to make roadways safer, and to develop competent and confident drivers.
— Our Mission:

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Very good drivers ed experience. The folks here give a very good effort to make it fun and they do. 5/5 would recommend.
— Teen Student
Professionals instructors teaching easy way to learn how to drive in United States.
— Adult Student
Very good program all around. Appreciated how easy it was to register, ask questions, and take the class.
— Pius X Parent
Very professional but definitely not boring! Taught me everything I needed to know and more. I will be a safer driver and a smarter driver. The lessons go beyond the road, teaching you about things like insurance, and safer car types for driving. Well deserving 5 stars. I recommend this course to anyone.
— Pius X Teen Student
Road Ready was extremely accessible for our family. My son learned information I would not have taught him. I am thankful and greatful for your services!
— Pius X Parent
An interactive instructor that provided real world examples and a large breadth of valuable information.
— Driver Improvement Student
The Instructor has a lot of experience and tips about the updated traffic system and new vehicles.
— Driver Improvement Student
We Love Road Ready and definitely recommend them to everyone with teenagers. Wouldn’t put my kids on the road without it!
— Lincoln Christian Parent
My son started Drivers Ed this week with Road Ready. I have to say that having him enrolled with Road Ready I feel that he is in the best course available. Bill Saxton truly wants to teach safety to young drivers and has shared his passion on to his driving instructors. The office staff are friendly and encourage success. I find it comforting that the instructors personally get to know their students and look for ways to individualize the instruction to better equip the driver and provide for the best learning experience. I highly recommend Road Ready for your son or daughter.
— Parent of Teen Student

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